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    • Long time I left this. Now Amy's friends are at our house and having fun. They are happy because all are same class after the break again. 7 years ago
  • mina

    • Hi Tomorrow we have easter egg hunt at Miho's house! Everyday we busy with kids. My kids want to go to school!!! Maybe I give a lot of work. 8 years ago
  • misook

    • I will have to pay telephone charges at Etisalat and buy some to eat at supermarket, a fridge is empty. 8 years ago
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module 5 – favourite places (Jan 9 – Jan 15)

In this module, you will do the following 

  1. read about a place  (text) and do a comprehension activity (1)
  2. do a reading comprehension quiz
  3. listen to 4 texts (1, 2, 3, 4) and do comprehension activities
  4. do a listening comprehension quiz
  5. write about your favourite childhood place
  6. post at least 10 tweets on twitter – 5 about your learning
  7. post in your blog about your favourite childhood place
  8. make a podcast describing your favourite childhood place
  9. make a presentation in google docs about your favourite childhood place (group work)